Master Class

Recent Advances in Optimisation Paradigms and Solving Technology

The CPAIOR Master Class is an annual one-day event to disseminate cutting-edge research in the areas of constraint programming, artificial intelligence, operations research, and the integration of these fields.

Abstract: Tools for automating decision-making, commonly referred to as solvers, have seen tremendous improvement over the past decades. Nevertheless, as the problems of today are becoming increasingly complex, the limits of solving technology is constantly being challenged, warranting further advancement of the state-of-the-art. The master class gathers the leading experts to present and discuss the latest techniques incorporated in modern solving technology and to explain their remarkable efficiency in solving large and complex problems. A series of talks is planned, each addressing a particular decision/optimisation paradigm.

Master class organisers:

Emir Demirović, University of Melbourne
Andrea Rendl, Satalia
Mohamed Siala, INSA Toulouse and LAAS-CNRS

Please refer your questions about the master class to the dedicated email address rather than directly emailing individual organisers: